PXC Digital is an agile software development team, focused on delivering solutions that make life and work easier for our stakeholders, while helping them to achieve their goals and business objectives.

Drawing from over 30years software development and project management experience*, our team leverages cutting edge insight and expertise of current technology, guided by the stability of experience to deliver your projects in a way that guarantee business results.

Our team has been instrumental to the design and development of a significant number of enterprise-class custom and web applications, most of which solved the client's or sponsor's challenges in new innovative ways.

We stay at the crest of the development wave with an appreciation of the latest software and web technologies, understanding and mitigating security challenges, optimizing resource requirement for the local environment, while ensuring the applications deliver measurable business results.

*(cumulative experience of relevant team members)

Team Leadership

Feibo Babasola, Lead Solutions Architect

Babasola Feibo graduated with a Master of Science degree from the University of Lagos and has over 15years experience gained from hands-on projects in the technology, marketing communications, sales, banking, consulting and manufacturing sectors. He has had the opportunity of leading or participating in a number of large enterprise projects and software implementations, making valuable input while gaining invaluable experience. 

Feibo has a keen sense of observation, a huge appetite for information, an eye for details, and a habit of thinking as a principal tool for problem-solving. He has, over the years, demonstrated an unwavering commitment to creating value and ensuring that value is received by key stakeholders in the different projects he has been privileged to work on.

Babasola currently leads the team of dedicated developers at PXC Digital, ensuring the team delivers on client projects by creating innovative solutions that drive desirable business outcomes.