Custom Software Development (Portal solutions, Education, HR Solutions, Accounting, Asset Management, Workflow, "Whatever else you can imagine")

Web Application Development / Automation

Mobile Application Development - Leading edge native apps, developed to taste, budget and resource expectation

Digital Marketing - Reach your target market with surgical precision and measurable result

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Increase organic traffic to your site by leveraging search engine optimization

Why PXC Digital ?

Rapid Development

Our modular development approach, and the agility of our team ensures that your project reaches the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) stage within a short time, and is completed within schedule.


Processes ensure that we understand clients' problems and capture all their requirements. Others like user acceptance tests (UATs) ensures our output meets the required business needs.


Support for us is an obligation enshrined in our terms of services (ToS) and service level agreements (SLA) with clients. Response time, resolution time and defect liability periods are well above industry norms.


PXC Digital practices ethical software development, investing significant resources to ensure sustainability of the products, and foreclose all known risk factors.


Solutions are designed to scale easily with client needs, and be easily adapted to changing business requirements and environments.

Cross Platform

Architecture-neutral, designed to work optimally on target devices, while still cascading efficiently to other devices and platforms.

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